Your well-being

Combining work and pleasure is now possible thanks to the Holiday Inn Mauritius Mon Trésor. Forget the proximity of the airport in the luxuriant greenery of the hotel and enjoy a moment of relaxation once your professional obligations are completed. Whether you prefer the pool, the spa or the gym, we have thought of everything to promote your well-being during your time in the hotel.

The spa

Our spa, on the third floor of the hotel, enjoys a fine panoramic view. Come along to recover your form in this haven of peace before starting your day or to recharge your batteries after a long flight. Three massage cabins are available and we use Italian products [ comfort zone ] to ensure your satisfaction. The “day spa” or “urban spa” type treatments are carried out without water-based products.

The fitness centre

Found next to the spa, our sports centre is open from 7am to 8 pm. As well as the usual equipment, it offers the services of a personal coach for a customized training session.

The pool

If you prefer to do a few lengths, our pool awaits you. Relax in the idyllic setting of the terrace and revitalize yourself in this haven of peace.

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